We do not endorse and support the use of cannabis on this stage in South Africa or Africa due to the following reasons.

Why not:
There are no clear protocol and clear instructions on the use of cannabis oil or its products available. Please if you find a detailed protocol and instructions to all the conditions and methods to apply the specific cannabis products, send us a copy, we would love to support the therapy.

There are no indications, guidelines, regulations or assurance on the quality of the cannabis oils and the sources are not reliable. Many people are producing the oils and no assurance can be provided that the oil is truly pure and made in the correct method or from the correct strains.  We know of some sources, but they change all the time due to the “legality issue” in South Africa.
There are no guideline for pricing for cannabis oils, the market and doctors are abusing patients/clients by charging ridiculous high prices for cannabis oil. The going rate for a cancer patient for a 3 month supply is more or less R 4000.00. Around R 1300.00 per month.


We can provide assistance in obtaining a “Section 21 Application” for persons with a medical condition to be allowed to use cannabis for medical reasons. You complete a form, pay R 250.00 and get medical reports to confirm and clarify your condition. This will enable you to use cannabis with permission from the health authorities in South Africa. We can direct you to better sources of good quality cannabis oil.


We trust that this was helpful in providing understanding why we do not support the use of cannabis on this stage, this might change in the future.

When clients attend any of the facilities in the network and they are using any cannabis products, it must be disclosed prior to their arrival. A refundable “linen deposit” of R 2000.00 is payable upfront before any programs are commencing. We do not provide or issue any direction on the use of cannabis products at the facility and we do have the right to request the client to stop the use of cannabis products while attending any programs at the facility. We have had experiences where the side effects of cannabis products are influencing the healing process negatively and or making the client not be attentive to learn or be in a clear state of mind while many education programs and information is presented. A large part of any program are dealing on the emotional side concerning trauma and deeper emotional wounds, the programs focus on the spiritual, emotional and physical areas of the human being.

Under severe painful conditions, cannabis might be a more natural pain relieving method than other conventional drugs.

The network promotes a drug-free environment as far as possible and therefore are cautious for the free use of cannabis among clients at the facility or during a treatment program.

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